Services - Brackets & Outboard Conversions

Aluminum Outboard Brackets:

With the increasing market demand for reliable, fuel efficient outboard power, Broken Rudder has emerged as the region's specialist for refitting your stern drive boat.  Our standard outboard brackets feature:
  • Precision CAD/CNC Cut
  • Hardened 5086 Marine Grade Alloy
  • Integral Center-line Braces
  • Reserve Buoyancy Vee Bottom
  • Tapered Body & Radius Ground Edges
  • Your Choice of Transom Angle and Setback
  • Optional Swim Step and/or Kicker Bracket & Rub Rail

In addition to our standard brackets, we offer custom solutions tailor made to fit your boat and your needs.  A number of boats respond very well to a hull extension aka "extended transom" type bracket.  The longer running surface contributes to quicker to plane time as well as a flatter running angle.  Boats that need extra buoyancy or tend to porpoise are prime candidates to capitalize on and extension.  For this type of job, we create a computer model of the stern of the boat and begin building the virtual bracket.  You are included in the design phase and have an opportunity to see your bracket and make changes before it's built!

We are able to work with a wide scope of projects and budgets.  From the do-it-yourself crowd to clients who want to drop off the keys and pick her up ready to fish, we have a solution for you!