Tuff Trailer Aluminum / Torsion / Single Axle / Bunk - 2500lb for 18-20'

Tuff Trailer Aluminum / Torsion / Single Axle / Bunk - 2500lb for 18-20'

$ 6,603.00

 Model: TSA2500TL, Aluminum I-Beam Single Axle Boat Trailer

Standard Features

Stainless fasteners, Dissimilar Metal Barrier

Custom Extruded Aluminum I-Beam Main Frame

6061 T6 Marine Grade Custom Aluminum I-beam Main Frame Construction, delivering industry leading strength and durability.

Self-Centering Double Bunk Hull Support System

Fully adjustable, inner and outer bunks. Heavy duty marine carpet.

Tie Down Location

Two at the tail of the trailer through the U-bolt, for securing boat to trailer during road transportation.

Winch Stand

Custom Built by Tuff Trailer for each boat for proper height and clearance. Low energy storing 2” strap on 1-speed 1,800 lb. winch. Not a one size fits all winch stand.


Aluminum Diamond Plate fenders custom built by Tuff Trailer. .100 Thicker material than industry standard

Single 3500Lbs Torsion Axles with 5-Lug Hubs

Progressive spring rate for smoother ride. Less maintenance than leaf springs. Galvanized Axle Beam. 5 year warranty.

Vault Sealed Bearing System 5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

  • The slight (3-6 psi) pressure the VAULT system generates inside the hub chamber WILL NOT damage the inner oil seals. The pressure inside the hub is needed to keep water out of the hub chamber when the hub is submerged under water during boat launching and retrieval.


Recommended Lubricant

  • There is no need for inspection or replenishment of the lubricant. The VAULT “Hybrid Lubrication System” uses proprietary Hybrid Oil Lubricant specially designed by UFP. At ambient temperatures the oil is thick, with a viscosity approaching grease. As the bearing temperature rises during towing, the oil thins out, replenishing the bearings with lubricant and dissipating heat. For optimal performance, only UFP’s Hybrid Oil Lubricant should be used in this system.


Adding / Changing Hybrid Oil Lubricant

  • Adding or changing the lubricant in the VAULT is not necessary or recommended for the first five years of service, or ten years with extended warranty. All warranty service must be pre-approved by UFP, or the claim will not be considered valid. After your warranty period expires, refer to the “SERVICE” section for additional instructions.


“Air-Tight” Pressurized Protectors


  • Positive pressure hubs, stainless steel wear band and “Viton” seal. Preventing water intrusion and bearing failures from water contaminated grease.


Rainier ST Radial Tires

ST205/75R14C Rainier, Load Range C, 1,760lb capacity per tire. Selected with higher capacity overall trailer rating for superior wear, ride, and safety. 2 year limited warranty.

Galvanized Wheels, 5-Lug

Hot Dip Galvanized for superior corrosion protection and air pressure retention.

Tongue Jack, Heavy Duty Capacity Drop Leg

Higher vertical lifting range and durable heavy duty long lasting machined gears. Side Wind.

Wiring System

Heat Shrink butt connectors with active sealant. Prevents corrosion and electrical wiring failure, common with other connectors.

LED (light emitting diode) Lighting

Brighter, faster illumination, lower current draw, and longer lasting. Premium commercial heavy duty. Life time warranty

Electrical Plug, 7-Blade RV

Matching all major, light and medium truck manufactures electric receptacles.

2 Year Structural Warranty from Tuff Trailer, Inc.

    Price $6,599 ($5,587 + $1,012 Barge Freight)

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