Preowned MerCruiser 496MPI 8.1L 375hp

Preowned MerCruiser 496MPI 8.1L 375hp

$ 36,785.00 $ 8,199.00

Running takeout

  • Currently undergoing reconditioning
  • Bobtail Configuration
  • Mechanical Throttle & Shift
  • Fresh 100hr service

2003 MerCruiser 496 MAG /375HP Multi-Port Fuel Injection 8.1L Inboard Complete Marine Engine "Bobtail" Recreational Performance Fresh Water Cooled. Used Running Take Out. This used running take out has been inspected by our Certified Mercury Technicians. Tested at normal operation oil pressure at 40 PSI and engine temperature at 160 degrees. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

* Horsepower: 375HP
* Full Throttle Range: 4600-4800 RPM
* Displacement: 496CID (8.1L)
* Engine Type: GM V8 Marine Iron Block
* Bore & Stroke: 4.25” x 4.38”
* Compression Ratio: 9.1:1
* Fuel Requirement: 87 Octane
* Fuel Delivery System: Cool Fuel-Bravo
* Fuel Injection System: Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
* Induction System: 2-Piece Long Runner Intake w/75 mm Throttle Body
* Ignition System: Distributorless Ignition with Knock Control and Platinum Spark Plugs
* Charging System: 65 Amp
* Water Drain System: Single Point Air Actuated
* Exhaust System: Tuned Runner Exhaust Manifold with 316 Stainless Steel Tubular Dry Joint Elbows
* Cooling System: Closed Cooling, Long life 5-year anti-freeze, Brass Sea Water Pump
* Accessory Drive System: Serpentine Belt, Stainless Steel Spring Automatic Tensioner
* Recommended Engine Oil: SAE 25-40 NMMA Certified FC-W Synthetic Blend
* Engine Guardian System: Low Oil Pressure, High Coolant Temperature, High Exhaust Manifold Temperature, Low Drive Lubricant, Low Sea Water Pressure, Low Voltage, Over -Rev Control, Knock Control.  

Dimensions: (L 35” x W33” x H24”)

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