Evinrude XD100 E TEC Oil 1 US GAL 779711

Evinrude XD100 E TEC Oil 1 US GAL 779711

$ 67.49

XD100TM synthetic formula oil provides uncompromising lubrication and superior performance - even in extreme conditions.


XD100TM oil is a premium formulation with synthetic additives that delivers ultimate performance while providing the opportunity to reduce oil consumption. If an authorized dealer programs an Evinrude® E-TEC® outboard EMM to use XD100TM oil, you can reduce normal oil consumption compared to using a conventional oil. Only an authorized Evinrude® dealer can program your engine for this benefit.

• Uncompromised lubrication -XD100TM is specifically formulated for Evinrude® E-TEC®, Evinrude® direct or oil injection outboards
• Ultimate lubricity for reduced friction and wear
• Maximum detergency for reduced combustion deposits
• Smokeless, odorless, and ashless

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